Anda Abrams

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Artist Bio

Tattooist, Anda Abrams, is inspired by materials, design, and they're geometric relation. Her career in the industry began in 2003. Taught to paint at a young age by, Sheila Abrams, fine artist and teacher. Tattooing came natural to pAnda. She is known for her bold color, heavy contrast black and grey, and linear line work.

What does Anda have to say about her work?

Anda: "Through my work, I try to bring the inside out."

Hailing from Stony Plain, Anda (finally!) joined us here at Skinny’s. She first completed a guest appearance with us in 2017 and we’re happy she has made a permeant move from Edmonton to be us. She brings with her 14+ years experience! Crazy right?! She started her career young. Anda started tattooing (19 years old!) because she was offered an apprenticeship while she was getting her first tattoo! You guessed it, she supplied her own art and she still proudly wears it today! In the many years that followed you could say this girl learned a thing or two. She confidently and boldly completes cover-ups, and easily recreates body art you’re proud to wear. She is a natural artist that brings your ideas to life.

Speciality? Anda absolutely loves intricate line-work (Mandalas for example) but emphasizes that she enjoys large scale projects (building sleeves, back pieces).

Anda’s Portfolio