The Skinny's Crew

Skinny's is about quality.  Capturing the vision that you have chosen and elevating and executing it so that the final product is something worthy of your body. Our artists exemplify that vision.

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Jared Olson

Jared Olson, founder, proprietor, and head artist at Skinny’s has deep connections to his artistry.  From the age of 5 when he discovered his love for drawing, art was in his blood.  That said, he wandered away from drawing as other things unfortunately took priority in High School (emphasis on the “high” part).  This period of life had its share of darkness that had to be overcome, but as he emerged from it in his early thirties, he rediscovered his love for drawing and began pursuing his dream of becoming a professional tattoo artist.  Jared has been tattooing professionally for six years, training under some great artists and working in a variety of environments throughout Alberta. If you get to know Jared, you’ll find out that he loves art, painting, drawing, old school rap (not that auto-tune, dancey stuff) and NFL football.

“Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” - Isaiah 40:31



Cailyn Cave

Cailyn is happy to call Skinny’s on 48th her new artistic home and abode here in Lloydminster. She brings with her a well-rounded skill set from cover-ups, black and grey realism to her personal favourite—watercolour tattoos. Cailyn specializes in feminine tattoos and loves to freehand for a custom fit. She takes pride in this because the art not only enhances the body but so the body and body movements also enhances the art.

Armed with a pencil in one hand and a coffee in another, Cailyn will ensure that you are both stoked about your new tattoo while having a fun and pleasant experience from start to finish. When she isn’t busy tattooing in her room, a variety of designs ranging from commemorative pieces, realistic flowers or skulls to fancy lettering, you will find her airbrushing her artwork onto random household items, like her coffee pot. One way or another she will find a way to leave her mark, and that may too include you.

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