Cailyn Cave

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She’s been with us since November 2017 and has enjoyed adding her mark since! She still loves watercolour, and has done quite her share around here, but she enjoys mixing her styles too! You can see this for yourself in her portfolio. And, from her own words, she is looking forward to “getting under your skin” so feel free to stop in for a quick consultation or book with her too!

When booking:

Cailyn prefers to have consultations at 9:45 am (Tues-Sat). This gives her time to create a tattoo design with you prior to booking an appointment.

She kindly asks that children are not accompanying appointments. This is to ensure a ‘distraction free’ atmosphere.

If you are seeking to book her for the day (day rate) she recommends having snacks (lunch, and juice), comfortable clothes/change of clothing.

Tattoo Portfolio

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