Our Local Artists

Would you like to custom create your own Tree of Life?  Click Here

Would you like to custom create your own Tree of Life? Click Here

Chelsey Gregson

She turns gemstones into a sculpted delight! She adds a little metaphysical healing properties to her creations and her art collectors life. Her dream catcher like Tree of Life will be sure to enhance your home and your life! Please click here photo to view her gallery! You may find more of her work at her facebook group page titled ‘ Trickle Tree Designs’.

Watch our interview with Chelsey here.

Want a customized Tree of Life? Watch this video here.

View and/or purchase her artwork located at Skinny’s Here.

Sally Nydokus

Sally Soulsations (1).png

She takes a bland boring canvas and transforms them into works of art that will turn a house into a home. Her larger scale paintings are best described as show stoppers that can independently hang on a wall without accent art pieces. Her fluid abstract work suits any space. What makes her fluid artwork unique from others are touches of shimmering paint and sparkle. Her mixed media artwork is filled with inspirational script or quotes and are wonderful accent additions to any room that needs a touch of magic. These mixed media pieces are the first to sell. You can find more of her artwork on her facebook page ‘Sally’s Soulsations’.

Skinny’s has a small collection of Sally’s artwork available in our gallery. Feel free to shop her work here.