Testimonial - Steve

"I first met Jared when he was tattooing a friend of mine, full sleeve and full colour.  I was extremely impressed with his creativity and style so I approached him with an idea and a picture. His exact words to me "dude, thats like airbrush quality I'm gonna have to pass on that. I don't think I can make that look the way you want it to". It was some while later we talked and we both decided to take a risk and go for it, not knowing if either of us would like the finished product. He smashed it out of the park.  It was a confidence booster for both of us. It was my first tat in 20 years.  I now have had 3 more done by Jared since then in the last 2 years."

"All the pieces I have had done by Jared have meaning. The one that has the most mean is on my left inner forearm. It is a tribute to my late sister who was taken too young. It is a piece Jared and I discussed a number of times. Praying hands and a wooden cross. Helps me to remember that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Live large, laugh loud, and love hard.
Choosing him was easy. I believe Jared puts his heart and soul into his work. The excitement and compassion he showed while working on the first piece he did for me was just amazing."

"When I tried to help him clean up one time I was politely told my help was not needed. It needs to be done a certain way and I got this he said."

"Well Jared has tattooed my dad, my son and one of my daughters. So would I recommend him? I would absolutely recommend him to family and friends."

Testimonial - Shawn

"I was first told about Jared by a family member, I had an idea for a cover up I wanted to get done for a long time. After researching a number of artists in the area I narrowed it down to two. I looked through their portfolios and determined Jared should be a good fit and booked a consult. I determine everything I do off of first impressions and good vibes. Upon meeting Jared and talking with him I knew he was the right choice. His passion and enthusiasm for this tattoo was obvious;I felt very confident and comfortable about him doing this piece."

"There are a few stories behind the tattoo actually, short for is everything has its meaning. I lost my mother when I was 7 years old, The memories have haunted me my whole life. When I was 17 years old I got the original tattoo in memory of her. The mom tattoo was a big disappointment to my grandmother whom I was raised by and I called mom for as long as I can remember. The idea behind the cover up was a gift for her as well as reconciliation for my past bringing the three of us together. The two koi (mother and son) and our favourite flowers( roses were my mothers and my moms) Daisy's or black eyed Susan's which are mine and another one of my moms which grow like wild fire back home on PEI.
All this together with the legendary meaning behind the koi relating to my struggles in life and the up river battle I continue to face to overcome numerous obstacles. I hope to finish the story someday with a dragon emerging victorious out of the water in the future."

"I will rebook with Jared to add to the story because he is extremely knowledgeable about the Japanese backgrounds. I feel he shares a similar inspiration from it as I do which makes me feel at ease with him doing what he does best. He is in his element doing Asian style tattoos and everything works great from the drawings to the colours to the placement etc. He is easy to talk to and was informative as well as understanding when it came to listening to what I wanted. He is top notch and I wouldn't hesitate to say the best around."

"The shop has a great atmosphere when you walk in; it is clean and well kept. 
The tattoo room was super clean and I never felt unsafe in my five appointments. Jared was meticulous with his needles and inks. Everything was covered well and disposed of properly. He gave me excellent directions for care of the tattoo and used awesome products to cover it with, there is definitely no shortage of professionalism in that room."

"I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. I am the pickiest and hardest to please-person I know and he amazed me with his talents.
I am happy to have shared this experience and my story with him and look forward to more sessions throughout the future."

Testimonial - Rene

“The most important piece I have on my body was done by Jared. It’s of a dove, done in memory of my grandmother. She loved doves and collected them. At her funeral, a dove flew down from toward us, then back up into the sky. It was like a personalized goodbye from her. I trusted Jared to bring this piece to life for me, and he did exactly that. I think of my grandma each time I look down at it” 

“Jared is clean and focused, like a doctor. Every time you visit his shop you’ll see there’s no chance of contamination because his workspace is sterile, he doesn’t touch anything twice, and he’s kind of a neat freak”

“Jared is an amazingly creative person. To make it even better, he’s a strong mentor and friend. It’s like he’s this fantastic guy who’s been through a lot in his own life, and now he helps others get through their own tough times…while doing wicked tattoos. He’s an all-around great person.”

Testimonial - Teraza

“Every piece on my arm tells a story about me: memories of my Grandfather, images that remind me of my parents, and mantras I live my life by. From my first tattoo with Skinny’s on 48th, Jared’s been able to express what’s important to me through the story on my skin. I’ve never been disappointed” 

“My confidence in Jared’s work grows and grows with each piece he does. He’s welcoming, friendly, and truly listens when you describe what you want in your tattoo and what it will mean to you. I would, hands down, refer Jared to anyone. I’m honoured to have him do my ink” 

“My first tattoo with Jared was based on a simple idea. Once I articulated my vision, Jared honed in on exactly what was important to me and what I wanted my piece to represent. He does exceptional work. I’ve got so much confidence in every piece he does for me.”

Testimonial - Tom


“When I came face to face with Jared’s interpretation of my design, I had a WOW moment. I’m a huge fan of skulls, smoke and fire, and Jared knew exactly what he was doing with the design. He tattooed up this ol’ leather and added a piece I’m proud of” 

“He’s got a sharp focus, strong attention to detail and he’s extremely conscientious. Jared also focuses on cleanliness and makes sure his space is sterile. There will be no other artist to tattoo this ol’ leather of mine. “ 

“Whenever I look at my ink, I feel protection, strength and fearlessness. I love fire, smoke and skulls, and Jared listened when I told him exactly what I wanted. Once he was finished, I looked down and thought, “WOW. This guy nailed it”.” 

Testimonial - Jordana

“I’m a nurse, so it means the world when I see Jared offering the same care and attention to a sterile environment as I would to any of my patients. He shows me everything he’s doing, he takes proper steps in ensuring correct, sanitary practice, and he’s neat and tidy as he goes. I know I put myself in good hands when choosing Jared” 

“I was going through some major life changes when I approached Jared to do my half sleeve. I’d started a new career as a nurse, I’d left a toxic relationship, and I was finding myself as an individual. The work Jared did represented the growth I was experiencing, and it was exactly what I wanted. Now, I tell everyone exactly who did this amazing work and what a wonderful person he is.” 

“Whether I’m at work in a hospital-type setting, camping in BC, or chilling on the weekend, I can’t tell you how many people have complimented my tattoo. Jared changed my expectations of what a tattoo artist is. He truly listened to my ideas, and created something masterful and one-of-a-kind.”

Testimonial - Eugene

“Working in the medical field, I know the importance of a sterile environment. Jared does everything possible to ensure Skinny’s on 48th is safe, clean, and sanitized.”

“I chose Jared out of a range of other tattoo artists because he was excited to do my work. As soon as I met him, we talked about my design. He started sharing different ideas, and I liked that he was so enthusiastic. It made me excited too.”

“My wife got a tattoo of our son Devin's daughter's footprint from Jared after she saw the work he did on me. To anyone who asks, I tell the stories behind my ink, and I recommend Jared. He’s amazing at what he does.”

Testimonial - Stacy

“I did a lot of research when it came to my tattoo and the style I wanted. Jared’s portfolio showed me he had what it takes to achieve the design I desired. He puts a lot of effort into ensuring you’re happy with your tattoo, and it shows”

“Jared maintains a very hygienic workspace. He has his licenses and documentation displayed, and he’s extremely conscientious. I would and have recommended him to friends, family and acquaintances.”

“Portfolio, personality, and reputation, those three things were critical to me. Jared impressed me with his creative work, his personality shines and his reputation is stellar. I rebooked with him because I love his work, his style and his preciseness. He puts a tonne of effort into making sure you’re happy with your tattoo”

Testimonial - Brandy

“I literally stumbled my way into Skinny’s on 48th, only to meet the friendliest and most creative tattoo artist I’ve encountered in years. Jared is personable, easy to talk to, and very easily understood what I was looking for.” 

“Like most people, I’d drawn a couple rough sketches of what I thought I wanted for my piece. Once I showed them to Jared and explained more, he drew up something similar, yet totally different. Jared merged the toughness of a skull with delicate feminine features. My tattoo makes me feel tough and pretty, all at the same time.” 

“I trust his creativity. That’s the biggest thing for me. His vision is so strong, and as he worked on my design it kept catching my eye over and over. Because of this, I’ll always go back to him.” 

“Every single time I visit Skinny’s on 48th Jared waits until I’m present to open up new materials. He keeps an extremely clean workspace. You’ll see for yourself. It’s obviously very important to him.” 

“When someone asks about my tattoo, I tell them about Jared. I share his super friendly personality, his unreal creativity, and how he took my idea and transformed it into something completely amazing. I recommend Jared to everyone I know.”  

Testimonial - Brad

“I met Jared through a mutual friend, and decided to book with him after he did a fantastic design for my business logo. That turned out to be my first tattoo from him, to be honest. He amazes me with what he creates from a few simple ideas. I’ll continue to refer my friends and family to Jared, because I’m confident in his ability and always have a great time when I get tattooed.”

“I continue to rebook with Jared because he is very clean and conscientious. He is professional, his shop is sterile, and I’m confident in his ability.”

“I like to say, all my tattoos are Jared Originals. The guy listens to my ideas, then blows me away with what he comes up with. He amazes me with his creativity.”

Testimonial - Sheldon

“After my initial appointment with Jared, I knew he understood what I wanted to portray. I couldn’t picture anyone else bringing my vision to life. I have great confidence in Jared and his work”

“I love Harley Davidson, and wanted to celebrate my passion with a new piece. After my first appointment with Jared, he understood what I wanted to portray (I love old school style Harley Davidsons) and brought my vision to life. I would highly recommend Jared to any of my family or friends to help bring their vision to life too”