“I’m a nurse, so it means the world when I see Jared offering the same care and attention to a sterile environment as I would to any of my patients. He shows me everything he’s doing, he takes proper steps in ensuring correct, sanitary practice, and he’s neat and tidy as he goes. I know I put myself in good hands when choosing Jared” 

“I was going through some major life changes when I approached Jared to do my half sleeve. I’d started a new career as a nurse, I’d left a toxic relationship, and I was finding myself as an individual. The work Jared did represented the growth I was experiencing, and it was exactly what I wanted. Now, I tell everyone exactly who did this amazing work and what a wonderful person he is.” 

“Whether I’m at work in a hospital-type setting, camping in BC, or chilling on the weekend, I can’t tell you how many people have complimented my tattoo. Jared changed my expectations of what a tattoo artist is. He truly listened to my ideas, and created something masterful and one-of-a-kind.”