“I literally stumbled my way into Skinny’s on 48th, only to meet the friendliest and most creative tattoo artist I’ve encountered in years. Jared is personable, easy to talk to, and very easily understood what I was looking for.” 

“Like most people, I’d drawn a couple rough sketches of what I thought I wanted for my piece. Once I showed them to Jared and explained more, he drew up something similar, yet totally different. Jared merged the toughness of a skull with delicate feminine features. My tattoo makes me feel tough and pretty, all at the same time.” 

“I trust his creativity. That’s the biggest thing for me. His vision is so strong, and as he worked on my design it kept catching my eye over and over. Because of this, I’ll always go back to him.” 

“Every single time I visit Skinny’s on 48th Jared waits until I’m present to open up new materials. He keeps an extremely clean workspace. You’ll see for yourself. It’s obviously very important to him.” 

“When someone asks about my tattoo, I tell them about Jared. I share his super friendly personality, his unreal creativity, and how he took my idea and transformed it into something completely amazing. I recommend Jared to everyone I know.”