“The most important piece I have on my body was done by Jared. It’s of a dove, done in memory of my grandmother. She loved doves and collected them. At her funeral, a dove flew down from toward us, then back up into the sky. It was like a personalized goodbye from her. I trusted Jared to bring this piece to life for me, and he did exactly that. I think of my grandma each time I look down at it” 

“Jared is clean and focused, like a doctor. Every time you visit his shop you’ll see there’s no chance of contamination because his workspace is sterile, he doesn’t touch anything twice, and he’s kind of a neat freak”

“Jared is an amazingly creative person. To make it even better, he’s a strong mentor and friend. It’s like he’s this fantastic guy who’s been through a lot in his own life, and now he helps others get through their own tough times…while doing wicked tattoos. He’s an all-around great person.”