"I was first told about Jared by a family member, I had an idea for a cover up I wanted to get done for a long time. After researching a number of artists in the area I narrowed it down to two. I looked through their portfolios and determined Jared should be a good fit and booked a consult. I determine everything I do off of first impressions and good vibes. Upon meeting Jared and talking with him I knew he was the right choice. His passion and enthusiasm for this tattoo was obvious;I felt very confident and comfortable about him doing this piece."

"There are a few stories behind the tattoo actually, short for is everything has its meaning. I lost my mother when I was 7 years old, The memories have haunted me my whole life. When I was 17 years old I got the original tattoo in memory of her. The mom tattoo was a big disappointment to my grandmother whom I was raised by and I called mom for as long as I can remember. The idea behind the cover up was a gift for her as well as reconciliation for my past bringing the three of us together. The two koi (mother and son) and our favourite flowers( roses were my mothers and my moms) Daisy's or black eyed Susan's which are mine and another one of my moms which grow like wild fire back home on PEI.
All this together with the legendary meaning behind the koi relating to my struggles in life and the up river battle I continue to face to overcome numerous obstacles. I hope to finish the story someday with a dragon emerging victorious out of the water in the future."

"I will rebook with Jared to add to the story because he is extremely knowledgeable about the Japanese backgrounds. I feel he shares a similar inspiration from it as I do which makes me feel at ease with him doing what he does best. He is in his element doing Asian style tattoos and everything works great from the drawings to the colours to the placement etc. He is easy to talk to and was informative as well as understanding when it came to listening to what I wanted. He is top notch and I wouldn't hesitate to say the best around."

"The shop has a great atmosphere when you walk in; it is clean and well kept. 
The tattoo room was super clean and I never felt unsafe in my five appointments. Jared was meticulous with his needles and inks. Everything was covered well and disposed of properly. He gave me excellent directions for care of the tattoo and used awesome products to cover it with, there is definitely no shortage of professionalism in that room."

"I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. I am the pickiest and hardest to please-person I know and he amazed me with his talents.
I am happy to have shared this experience and my story with him and look forward to more sessions throughout the future."