"I first met Jared when he was tattooing a friend of mine, full sleeve and full colour.  I was extremely impressed with his creativity and style so I approached him with an idea and a picture. His exact words to me "dude, thats like airbrush quality I'm gonna have to pass on that. I don't think I can make that look the way you want it to". It was some while later we talked and we both decided to take a risk and go for it, not knowing if either of us would like the finished product. He smashed it out of the park.  It was a confidence booster for both of us. It was my first tat in 20 years.  I now have had 3 more done by Jared since then in the last 2 years."

"All the pieces I have had done by Jared have meaning. The one that has the most mean is on my left inner forearm. It is a tribute to my late sister who was taken too young. It is a piece Jared and I discussed a number of times. Praying hands and a wooden cross. Helps me to remember that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Live large, laugh loud, and love hard.
Choosing him was easy. I believe Jared puts his heart and soul into his work. The excitement and compassion he showed while working on the first piece he did for me was just amazing."

"When I tried to help him clean up one time I was politely told my help was not needed. It needs to be done a certain way and I got this he said."

"Well Jared has tattooed my dad, my son and one of my daughters. So would I recommend him? I would absolutely recommend him to family and friends."